SimControl Australasia are the suppliers of the best quaility flight simulator controls in the world. Our Flight Simulator Contol Systems are manufactured with high quality materials and assembled precisely to last a lifetime.

Each Flight Simulator Control System have been designed, engineered and manufactured to replicate as best as possible real helicopter and fixed wing contol system movements. This gives the simulator pilot a realistic feel and natural action of real piloting reactions. The flight controls mechanically interface with rugged electrical components allowing for a simple plug and play usb connector straight into your PC or MAC for axis calibration and button assignment as you would with your old plastic gaming joysticks.

New Flight Simmers will benefit from SimControl's various modular components to suit their budget. A good simulation starts with a great set of controls and the interface with the simulation program.

Experienced Simmers can expand their desktop hobby into a home cockpit they always wanted. By starting with a set of quality controls and building their own cockpit, or utilising our fixed wing or helicopter shell, then additional periferial equipment, like our overhead switch panel can be added to enhance the simulation enviroment.

SimControl Australasia can also help supply your flying organisation with an CASA approved synthetic flight trainer at an affordable cost.

The incorporation of SimControl's synthetic Flight Control Systems and the correct computer interface allows the pilot to see the results of control input. Each movement of the controls should deliver the same visual clues at the same visual rate of change as he would experience in the same aircraft.

Our aim is to supply an affordable simulator that allows the flight crew to fly under IFR conditions as close to the real cockpit operation as possible by presenting a cockpit environment as close as possible to the real aircraft

The positioning of controls, seating and switches, limitations of  cockpit space and instrumentation all play a part in allowing the crew to complete training sorties with out the distraction of the simulator or the virtual display 's affect on the mind.

Elite's AS350 "Squirrel" comes standard with SimControl's Ranger5 Helicopter controls

RealStart Throttle. Designed with the DoDoSim Jetranger in mind.

All SimControl Modules utilise a simple plug and play USB connector


SimControl products are manufactured to strict material specifications and assembly procedures to last a lifetime



SpitSim Controls were manufactured using original parts used on the mighty Spitfire.





“That is the nearest to flying a real Spitfire I have ever experienced”

Squadron Leader Al Pinner, MBE

who once lead the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight

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