SimControl Australasia was started in 2008 by two Licenced Helicopter and Fixed Wing Maintenance Engineers who saw a local need to supply the Australasian aviation and flight simming community with the best simulator flight controls available in the world.

In the beginning of 2007 SCA was tasked to construct an affordable Synthetic Flight Trainer for a Helicopter Rescue service in order for the service to meet and exceed its requirements to maintain their IFR recurrency's, Left Hand Seat Crew endorsements and Crew Resource Management procedures. The SFT developed was modeled on the actual Twin Engined IFR Helicopter the organisation operated.

The brief to build the SFT was it had to meet CASA Part 60 and had to meet a minimal budgetry outlay. The platform of the SFT started with SimControl's Dual Flight Control system engineered by Jon Fellows using the dimensions lifted from the original cockpit, this included an overhead dual throttle module with start and Idle release buttons incorporated in each lever. The collective head built also incorporates a dual rocker switch for N1 trimming. on both number 1 and 2 engines.

Extensive research allowed interfacing of the pilots to the computer by using the best aviation simulation software to deliver what we describe as “eyes closed operation” meaning the pilot flying the aircraft should be able to control the aircraft as in the real operation from when he sits in the seat to reference his checklist to when he turns the battery switch off and filling out his flight log. The more the pilot is less concerned with the effects of simulation the more he can immerse himself in the training scenario. This condition is critical to CRM protocols.

This interface is what SimControl Australasia has developed by way of using a combined history of 60 years of aircraft maintenance, and pilot interface, to deliver the visual stimulus generated by the computer and the specific position and operation of the hardware to deliver as close as possible a SFT that is very familiar to the pilot.

Our Mission is to provide the Simming and Aviation community with the best affordable controls and simulators systems available.

Overhead BK117 Twin Engine Throttle Module with Start buttons and Idle release mechanisim

Replicated Main Control Panel

IFR Instrument panel with pilot and co-pilot flight instrument displays,

engine and transmission gauges, caution annunciator and radio stack

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